8 ways to protect stainless steel


Cleaning and care maintenance is a crucial part of keep […]

Cleaning and care maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your stainless steel equipment in tip-top shape. Most often, corrosion and rust is a result of the passivity film shield breaking down from scrapes, scratches, water deposits, or chlorides. Take note of these stainless steel care methods to keep rust and corrosion at bay:

1. Use the proper tools

Non-abrasive tools, like soft cloths and plastic scouring pads
Stainless steel pads (scrub in direction of polishing marks)
2. Clean with the polish lines or “grain”

Scrub in a motion parallel to the lines when visible lines are present
Use a soft cloth or plastic scouring pad when grain cannot be seen
3. Use alkaline, alkaline chlorinated or non-chloride containing cleaners

Ask your supplier for an alternative if your present cleaner contains chlorides
Avoid cleaners containing quaternary salts to avoid pitting and rusting
4. Treat your water

Reduce deposits by softening hard water
Install filters to remove distasteful and corrosive elements
Call a treatment specialist to insure proper water treatment

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