Crushing Method of Food Crusher


The crushing method of food crusher is selected accordi […]

The crushing method of food crusher is selected according to the physical characteristics of materials, the size of materials and the required degree of refinement. For hard materials, extrusion, bending and splitting should be used; for brittle materials, impact and splitting should be used; for larger blocks, splitting and bending should be used; for smaller blocks or for smaller size requirements, impact and grinding should be used. If the grinding method is not selected properly, there will be grinding difficulties or excessive grinding phenomena, both of which will increase the energy consumption in the grinding process.

Food crusher uses high-speed airflow to agitate materials, so that they collide with each other and friction and crush the ultra-fine crushing machinery. There are two common types: closed-circuit circulating type and flat type. The high-speed airflow, which is composed of high-pressure gas (compressed air, superheated steam or other gases) injected around the crushing chamber and solid particles, is continuously subjected to tangential impact of the airflow injected from different angles, which makes the solid particles in the mixed airflow fine by impact and friction with each other. This kind of food crusher has very little wear and tear, which can protect the product from pollution, and because the temperature rise during crushing is very small, it is beneficial to crush materials with low melting point.

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