How should the soybean milk maker be maintained?


Use and maintenance Soymilk machine is a practical smal […]

Use and maintenance
Soymilk machine is a practical small appliance in modern kitchens. The operation of the soymilk machine is simple and fast. It can automatically realize the process of soaking, preheating, crushing, filtering, boiling, delaying cooking and automatic alarming of beans within ten minutes, making it easy to make fresh The cooked soy milk is a good helper for family life.
Use and maintenance of freshly ground soybean milk machine:
1. When there is no water in the cup or the water level is too low, the machine is in a self-protection or alarm state, and the motor and heating tube are not working, which is not a malfunction. The water volume should be placed close to the upper water line.
2. Drinking water in a very small number of areas will cause soy milk to condense into something similar to tofu. The main reason is that the water contains too many ions, which can be solved with cold water.
3. When washing, you can only use water to flush the lower part of the machine head with the soymilk attached to the soymilk machine. Do not soak the machine head in water or wash the upper part of the machine head, the upper part of the machine head and the power socket. Into the water.

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