How to care for the bone sawing machine?


Bone sawing machine is a relatively novel food machine. […]

Bone sawing machine is a relatively novel food machine. Because it is a new machine, many friends may not be very familiar with its maintenance.

1. Before use, please read the operation manual and machine precautions to understand the function of the machine.
2. It is forbidden to use strong water to rinse the main body of the mechanical equipment, so as to avoid short circuit of the circuit, it should be cleaned with 80℃ water and detergent without fluorescent agent.
3. The detachable part of the machine is also cleaned with 80℃ water.
4. The knives should be polished when they are not in use. After the polishing is finished, clean them with warm water, and put them away.
5. The whole bone sawing machine should be cleaned 3 to 4 times a day to prevent the growth of bacteria. Do not clean the bone saw for a day, which is very unhygienic.

As long as we pay more attention to it, the bone saw will not be damaged, and we can use the bone saw safely.


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