How to install vegetable cutter equipment?


The multi-function vegetable cutter can cut long strips […]

The multi-function vegetable cutter can cut long strips of green onions, garlic, leeks, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and other leafy vegetables, as well as radishes, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, onions, melons, etc. Root vegetables can also be used to control the speed of the conveyor belt and the cutting knife through the frequency converter to adjust the shape of the cut vegetables. It is an indispensable helper for large restaurants and kitchens. So how to install the vegetable cutting machine?
It must be used in a stable 380V commercial power supply environment, and because of the large power, some large companies use power even more than 2KW, so the circuit used must be safe and reliable, and can safely support the normal operation of the machine.


There must be a pipe for normal water supply and discharge. The multi-function vegetable cutter needs to discharge a certain amount of vegetable juice when it is working, and needs to be washed regularly to ensure the sanitation of the working environment.

It must be used in a spacious environment. In the process of cutting vegetable products, a large amount of vegetable products and vegetable juice will accumulate. If the environment is not spacious enough, it is easy to cause accidents.

Keep the environment ventilated as much as possible. During the working process of machinery and equipment, a large amount of debris and water mist will be generated, and the machinery will generate a certain amount of heat. Maintaining ventilation will reduce the temperature of the working space and keep vegetables fresh.



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