How to maintain the knife of the cutting machine?


After the cutting machine is used for a long time, the […]

After the cutting machine is used for a long time, the tool parts in the cutting machine will appear abnormal in one way or another, and the possibility of rust is also great. This is caused by the basic abnormality of various foods after oxidation. So, how to maintain the knives of the cutting machine equipment to ensure that they will not appear rusty or abnormal appearance?

In short, in order to make the knives in the equipment have a better use effect and not show abnormality, the basic maintenance method is the inspection before each use and the cleaning and disposal after each use, especially the cleaning after use. , Which can remove residual material on the tool and prevent rust. Checking and cleaning the cutting machine before use can not only prevent corrosion, but also ensure cleanliness. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the knife of the cutting machine when cutting food. The sharper the knife, the more complete it is. Cutting food is conducive to food processing and production.
So how does the slicer prevent rust? Since the slicer often comes into contact with some vegetables, fruits and other materials, some impurities will remain on the blade and platform after the cutting operation. If we don't arrange it in time, it will rust. Another situation is exposure to water and moisture, which can also cause rust. So, how can we prevent the equipment from rusting? The cause of rust is already clear, so in the process of maintenance and cleaning, contaminants and residual stains on the table and blades must be removed. When storing, it is recommended to place it in a clean, dry environment to prevent moisture and rust.
To sum up, if we want to prevent the cutting machine from rusting, we should pay more attention to the above tips when organizing and maintaining it. Of course, if time permits, cutting machines should be inspected and overhauled regularly, which will extend their service life.


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