How to slice and how to solve the fault?


How does a microtome perform tissue when slicing tissue […]

How does a microtome perform tissue when slicing tissue? What is the main difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic microtome? And, if the main motor in the slicer fails to start, or if it does not operate normally, what are the reasons? Now that these questions have been asked, let us give the correct answer below, so that everyone can clearly understand through learning.
1. How does the microtome slice the tissue? In this case, if the microtome is specifically described, it means that the microtome uses hard paraffin or other substances to support the slicing process. In addition, during each slicing process, the slice thicknesser will automatically advance the required distance, and is generally set in advance to obtain the desired slice thickness to complete the entire slicing process.
2. What are the steps in the slicer in the processing of velvet slices? And the semi-automatic and fully automatic slicer, what is the main difference? If the slices in the processing of velvet slices are processed by a slicer, then generally there are two processes of softening and slicing. As for the distinction between semi-automatic and fully automatic microtome, it depends on whether one motor drives the blade to rotate, or whether two motors drive the blade to rotate.
3. In the slicer, if the main motor cannot be started, or if it cannot run normally, what are the specific reasons? For the failure of the slicer, the specific reasons are mainly:

The three phases of the power supply are abnormal, or there is a problem with the phase sequence. It is also possible that the power supply voltage is abnormal. In addition, damage to the contactor and push button switch, as well as line faults, etc., will also cause the above-mentioned slicer problem. Therefore, the solution is to check the power supply, measure the power supply voltage, and replace the damaged parts, and eliminate the line fault.


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