What are the accessories of the multifunctional vegetable cutter?


The multi-function vegetable cutter has many different […]

The multi-function vegetable cutter has many different accessories and models according to the degree of mechanization. Today, Lingchuang Machinery introduces the components of a multi-function vegetable cutter with a higher degree of mechanization and automation.




The accessories are as follows:
1. Blade, as a core accessory, the blade can be said to be the core accessory of the entire multi-function vegetable cutter. The blade is mainly responsible for cutting vegetables.
2. Conveyor belts and good vegetable cutters have automatic transmission functions. You do not need to manually push the fruits and vegetables and other objects that need to be cut, and you can automatically transfer the objects that need to be cut to the blade for cutting.
3. Protective plate. When cutting vegetables, it is inevitable that some impurities will splash out. At this time, a protective plate is needed for protection to avoid harm to the operator who operates the multi-function vegetable cutter.
4. The clear nozzle is an accessory that exists only on the more high-end multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. The main function is to automatically wash and disinfect the residue left in the vegetable cutting area after the entire vegetable cutting process is completed. You can quickly get started in the next job.

The above are the core parts of the multi-function vegetable cutter. I hope everyone can have an overall understanding of the multi-function vegetable cutter. In addition, if you need to buy a vegetable cutter, fruit and vegetable washing machine, blanching and finishing machine, etc., please contact We, Taizhou Houplus Electric Appliance Equipment Co., LTD. will provide you with full-process guidance.

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