What are the advantages of the frozen meat slicer?


Frozen meat slicer makes it easy to divide and cut the […]

Frozen meat slicer makes it easy to divide and cut the bones of frozen meat. Frozen meat is big and cumbersome, and there is also ice scum. The traditional knife chopping method, or through the traditional bone chopping machine, the machine saw blade is often sawed, the overall level of bone chopping efficiency is not high, but also because they are not themselves Professional meat cutting and bone cutting tools have thicker gears, and ice residue and minced meat are easy to splash when cutting and cutting bones. This undoubtedly causes a certain loss of frozen pork in the previous weight and causes some unnecessary waste. The emergence of the frozen meat slicer has largely solved this part of the difficulty and ensured that the material is large.
As a new type of cutting equipment in the catering and kitchen equipment market, the frozen meat slicer breaks the shortcomings of using rotating knives to cut meat, bone noise and vibration, and overcomes the limitations of width and height. According to the irregular height of the material, the machine can automatically adjust the height of the pressing roller to cut out square rib particles. To a large extent reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency.



Part of the stainless steel protective cover of the frozen meat slicer in the kitchen ensures the safety of the operating technicians during the normal operation and development of the system. During the operation of the machine, we will not affect the generation of harmful gases and electromagnetic radiation. When the normal teaching work is in operation, the noise value is lower than the noise value required by other countries, and no noise pollution will be formed. It makes people feel less noisy.
It can be said that the emergence of frozen meat slicers has greatly increased production efficiency and improved production.

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