What are the characteristics of the bone cutter?


Bone dicing machine can process bone-bearing meat produ […]

Bone dicing machine can process bone-bearing meat products such as poultry, aquatic products, pork ribs and other bone-bearing meat products into a suitable size specification machine, which can not only process bone-bearing meat food, It can also process many different types of food such as unfrozen frozen meat products and soy products. It is a multi-functional food cutting machine.
  Bone dicing machine is a machine that actively cuts and chops food designed and developed by imitating the principle of craft meat chopping. It is driven by a motor, through a variable speed organization, and a cutter is used to select a crankshaft connecting rod organization, continuous feeding, active feeding, and the finished product has a standard size and uniform size. The machine adopts the conveyor belt type continuous operation. Only one person is required to load the material at the feeding end during the operation. The machine actively completes the operations of cutting, transporting and discharging.
It is suitable for cutting poultry with bones into strips at one time and into pieces (D) twice, such as birds, chickens and ducks. These machines are specially designed with positive and negative switches to facilitate the automatic ejection of the meat when it is stuck. The high-tech separate design of the strip inlet and block inlet, the worktable is wide and easy for guests to operate. Used in fast food distribution centers, large canteens, food processing plants. According to the requirements of customers, we can customize the inlet size of 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm.
   1. The special steel round knife and tooth knife design can smoothly cut bone-bearing poultry and fish. The heightened feed inlet is equipped with a safety baffle to provide double protection to ensure the safety of the operator. Uses: suitable for cutting cartilage poultry into pieces (D), such as chicken and duck. It is suitable for joint meat factories, restaurants, supermarkets, meat market processing, food processing plants, etc.
   2. Convenient and simple cleaning, and good discharge regularity.
   3. Greatly improve the labor intensity of the staff.
  Bone cutting machine with high degree of initiative, superior performance, reasonable design, simple operation, convenient maintenance and high cost performance. Using bone-bone meat dicing machine, the operation volume is 700 kg per hour, liberating a lot of labor and reducing the production cost for the enterprise. It can process different specifications of bars, segments, dices, and blocks. The operation method is relatively simple. You only need to replace the combined tool and adjust the eccentric wheel according to the standard requirements. Bone meat chopping machine is mainly composed of frame body, conveying system, variable speed organization, driving system, gear organization, stainless steel shell, and pressing material organization.


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