What are the characteristics of the bone sawing machine?


Knives were originally used for purely manual pork proc […]

Knives were originally used for purely manual pork processing methods, but they are now being used at home. The development of labor costs and the improvement of efficiency and slowness are slow, purely manual operations cannot meet the needs of the market, so people will consider how to reduce operating costs. Improve efficiency and achieve higher profits. Some factories have developed the first generation of meat machine to meet the market demand. Strictly speaking, it should be called a meat machine. Its working principle is to put the meat into the machine to cut the meat out, and then put the meat down to act as pork again, although the two This needs to cut pork, but the efficiency is greatly improved and a lot of labor is saved.


Optimized hygienic design, easy to clean; stainless steel material, strong and durable. During the quenching process, the real pork machine special machine blade adopts a double-edged blade and the cutting edge is tight and compact. The pork machine knife cutting board is an independent group, with high noise reduction strength nylon The gear can be disassembled freely without damaging the food fiber tissue. The smooth and fresh meat makes the thickness uniform and high quality. After each use, carefully check that all the shredder knives may be damaged or blunt, check whether the normal or damaged blade comb is disassembled every week, and stop the proper cleaning. When reassembling, the paper shredder and the paper shredder should stop enjoying the non-toxic and tasteless food oil, before the equipment must be coated on the shaft and cut off the shaft edible oil to ensure its easy disassembly and assembly.

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