What are the cleaning methods of stainless steel meat grinder?


1. Prepare a clean toothbrush and other auxiliary suppl […]

1. Prepare a clean toothbrush and other auxiliary supplies. In order to clean the minced meat in the cavity of the machine, please disassemble the machine in the reverse direction. After disassembly, soak the machine in warm water containing detergent. Clean all parts with cleaning supplies such as toothbrushes, and then rinse twice with tap water.
2. The screws of the stainless steel meat grinder must be cleaned with a soft brush, and the screw sleeves must be cleaned carefully. The bone sawing machine carefully cleans all parts of the stainless steel meat grinder, including the parts that do not directly touch things.
3. Please clean the main structure of the machine with a damp cloth or a spare soft brush, and then clean it with water.
4. All parts can be cleaned with warm water and medium detergent. Never use industrial cleaners, iron brushes or cleaning tools that can damage the surface of the machine to clean the machine.
5. After cleaning, place to dry in a cool and ventilated place.


6. Clean the machine at least once (or many times) a day, mainly to wash off the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Washing before use will make the minced meat easier and smoother, and it will also make washing after work easier.
7. After cleaning, make sure all parts are dry before assembling the stainless steel meat grinder.


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