What are the factors that affect the crushing effect of the crusher?


The principle of the pulverizer must have been understo […]

The principle of the pulverizer must have been understood by everyone. Because it already exists before, it will be elaborated below, and it will be repeated. We should focus on the learning of new knowledge content so that we can learn more about the content of the pulverizer. , So that we can fully understand the product of the crusher at an early date. Below, the editor will expand the specific content.
The crushing effect of the crusher will be affected and influenced by some factors, so what are the main ones? The following editor will analyze and elaborate.
(1) Size of crushed area
It mainly refers to the size of the classification area in the tank, which will affect the processing capacity of the classifier and the crushing particle size. If the width of the groove is increased, or the inclination angle is reduced, the classification area can be increased.
(2) Pitch of the grinder
It is related to the amount of sand returning, the diameter of the screw, and the speed of rotation. Generally, the same pitch is used, but it is also possible to use the unequal pitch, but mainly to improve the overflow quality and the amount of treatment.
(3) Spiral diameter of grinder
It will affect the width of the grinder's tank body, which will affect the size of the tank's classification area, and will ultimately affect the production of overflow and the ability to transport sand back.
(4) Degree of blade wear
The blades of the crusher are worn. Although it is a normal phenomenon, if the wear is severe, it will affect the service life of the crusher. Therefore, if the blade is worn excessively, it should be replaced in time.
(5) Lifting height of grinder shaft
It is also one of the important factors, so it is generally required to put the main shaft of the grinder in place, otherwise it will affect the classification effect.



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