What are the introductions of the meat grinder?


The meat grinder mainly relies on the rotating screw to […]

The meat grinder mainly relies on the rotating screw to push the raw meat in the hopper to the pre-cut orifice plate in the cutter box. The meat is chopped up by the shearing action formed by the rotating blade and the edge of the orifice plate, and the meat is continuously discharged out of the orifice plate under the action of the screw extrusion force. It is one of the most commonly used cutting machines in meat processing. It can cut raw meat into various particles of different sizes according to the requirements of the meat processing technology.
Advantages of meat grinder:


Power saving, durable and convenient, compact structure, attractive price and appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and sanitation, etc.


The frozen meat grinder is one of the meat processing equipment with strong versatility and wide application range in the meat processing industry. The equipment pushes the raw meat in the feed box to the pre-cutting knife through the screw, and rotates and squeezes the orifice plate and the reamer to move relative to each other, thereby cutting the raw meat into granules and ensuring the uniformity of the meat filling. Different combinations of orifice plates can meet the requirements of different granular meat fillings.


1. The equipment has good versatility, wide application range and high production efficiency;

2. It has the functions of freezing meat and minced meat, saving time and effort, keeping fresh and maintaining quality;

3. The wringing process has a short time and low temperature rise, which is conducive to storage and prolongs the shelf life;

4. The combination of various orifice plates is more suitable for different meat products.


Every time you use the meat grinder, you need to clean it briefly. The meat grinder is generally cleaned in time after the last use, and the cleaning before use is mainly to wash away the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Another advantage is that cleaning before use will make the minced meat easier and smoother, and it will also make cleaning after work easier.


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