What are the maintenance items of the frozen meat slicer?


The frozen meat slicer is widely used in hot pot restau […]

The frozen meat slicer is widely used in hot pot restaurants, supermarkets and other industries, which effectively improves the efficiency of the meat slicer and brings great convenience. However, some minor problems will inevitably occur after long-term use, so it is necessary to master some maintenance techniques for frozen meat slicers:
1. The frozen meat slicer slices unevenly and dullly, resulting in increased powder.
(1) Reason: The blade is not sharp; the hardness of the sliced ​​material is too high; the sticky juice of the sliced ​​material sticks to the blade; the force is uneven.
(2) Maintenance method: remove the blade of the frozen meat slicer and sharpen it with a stone; roast the sliced ​​material softly; remove the blade and grind off the viscous juice; apply force evenly when slicing.
2. The motor of the frozen meat slicer does not run after being energized.
(1) Reason: Poor power contact or loose plug; Poor switch contact.
(2) Maintenance method: repair the power supply or replace the plug; repair or replace the switch of the same specification.
3. When working, the motor stops rotating.
(1) Reason: The frozen meat slicer feeds too much knife, which causes the knife head to jam; the switch contact is not good.
(2) Maintenance method: look at the cutter head, take out the jammed material; adjust or replace the switch contacts.
When using the frozen meat slicer, you should press the other side of the device with your hand, otherwise, the material will jump and the cutting will not be in place. If the material is a bit large, the material can be processed to fit the size of the feed inlet before slicing.


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