What are the matters needing attention in the soybean milk machine?


Precautions for soymilk machine 1. Do not get water int […]

Precautions for soymilk machine

1. Do not get water into the machine head.
2. Please cut off the power before taking out or putting in the head part.
3. When boiling the pulp, place the machine out of the reach of children.
4. When making soy milk, please add beans or other ingredients into the cup first, and then add water to between the upper and lower water levels.
5. Rafal net is cleaned in time.
6. Please clean the electric heater, overflow electrode and temperature sensor in time.
7. Please pay attention to the correct method when disassembling the Rafal net to avoid injury.
8. If the machine adopts a high-speed motor, it is normal to have intermittent noises during crushing.
9. When the machine is working, keep a certain distance from the socket, so that the plug is within reach, and away from flammable and explosive materials, and the grounding wire of the power socket must be well grounded.
10. When pressing the key, please press the function key in accordance with the instructions and select the corresponding work program, otherwise the soy milk made cannot meet the requirements.
11. After the machine is working or after the work is completed, please do not unplug or plug in the power cord and re-press the key to execute the working procedure, otherwise it may cause the soybean milk to overflow or the alarm will be sounded long.
12. When the machine is working, please don't forget to install the Rafaer net, otherwise the machine will overflow during the beating process to avoid splashing and scalding.
13. When putting beans, rice, etc. into the cup, be sure to put them on the bottom of the cup evenly.
14. If there is a power failure during the working process of the machine (especially from the late stage of the beating to the completion of the work), please do not press the function key to work, otherwise it will cause the heater to paste the tube, the soy milk will splash during the beating or the machine will be alarmed.
15. If the power cord is damaged, you must go to the company's after-sales service department to purchase a special power cord to replace it.
16. The supplied filter cup is used to filter soy milk, so you must take it out of the cup when making soy milk.
17. After the pulping is completed, especially after the full-nutrition soy milk and mung bean soy milk are cooled, please do not reheat or beat the milk again, otherwise it will cause a sticky tube.
18. The use of small grain soybeans to make soy milk needs to be soaked one night in advance.

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