What are the precautions for installation of the bone sawing machine?


Note for bone sawing machine: 1. When installing the sa […]

Note for bone sawing machine:
1. When installing the saw band, pay attention to the direction of the saw blade, and the top of the saw tooth on the right cutting surface is downward.
2. The scraper should press the saw blade, but do not touch the saw blade, otherwise it will increase noise and shorten the service life of the saw blade.
3. The sawdust collection box should be cleaned up in time to prevent the meat scraps from overflowing the lower wheel and causing the saw band and saw wheel to slip.
4. When the bone sawing machine is not in use, it is best to loosen the saw band tensioning handle on the top of the machine 2 turns, and then tighten it when the machine is turned on next time, so as to extend the service life of the saw blade.
5. After the door of the bone sawing machine is opened, the safety switch will stop the machine, but the saw band will continue to rotate for a period of time under the action of inertia. Do not touch the saw band with your hands at this time.
6. It is recommended to wear safety gloves during operation.
7. Do not directly grasp the meat for cutting without any protection, especially when sawing small meat products, the maintenance specifications of the bone sawing machine.
8.Add lubricating oil for 200 hours to lubricate the threads of the guide device, spring and tension device.
9. Replace the belt pulley bearing in 5000 hours.


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