What are the purchasing skills of soymilk machine?


Soy milk has always had the effect of nourishing and be […]

Soy milk has always had the effect of nourishing and beautifying. Drinking a cup of hot soy milk in winter will warm your stomach and heart. A satisfactory soymilk machine is a "family tofu workshop".
Brand-name soymilk machines generally have passed many years of market inspection, and their performance is relatively complete and superior.
The first is to understand the sources of materials and accessories. Good soymilk machines generally use better materials and accessories, and there are some imported accessories.
A perfect service system is a good guarantee for product quality, so pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales services and a density of outlets to meet the service are required.
When purchasing a soymilk maker, you can choose a soymilk maker with different capacities according to the size of the household soymilk maker. If your family has one or two people, it is recommended to choose 800-1000ml; if your family has three or four people, it is recommended to choose 1000-1300ml; If your family has more than 4 people, it is recommended to choose a soymilk machine of 1200-1500ml.
1. With intelligent non-stick and easy cleaning technology.
2. The performance of the motor and the design of the blade are reasonable.
3. The mesh of the good mesh cover is arranged in a herringbone cross, dense and even.
4. The lower half of the ideal soymilk heating tube is a small semicircular shape, which is easy to wash and install and unload the mesh cover.
5. After the first boil of soy milk, the best delayed boiling time is 4-5 minutes.
6 The combination of the ratio of the amount of beans to the amount of water, the water temperature of the refining, the time of refining, the time of boiling and other factors
7. Consumers should analyze specific problems when purchasing soymilk machines, and should not trust the manufacturer's one-sided words to avoid buying back inappropriate products. Whether to achieve the best results.



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