What are the relevant introductions of bone sawing machine?


Main features of bone sawing machine Bone saw is a kind […]

Main features of bone sawing machine
Bone saw is a kind of processing equipment suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized animal bones. Now let's analyze the characteristics of this product.
1. The flat body design of the stainless steel sealing plate makes it not only meet the food standards but also easy to clean;
2. Adopt special surface treatment technology to make it easy to clean and maintain;
3. Adopt saw belt pressure tensioning device to make it easy to install and adjust;
4. Equipped with a saw band stabilizing device to ensure stability during sawing;
5. Strengthen the design through the thickness adjustment plate to make its thickness adjustment and processing easy;
6. It is equipped with a safety pressure bar design, making it highly safe.

How to clean the bone saw
When cleaning the bone saw machine equipment, we have to clean it after using it every day, mainly to clean the surface of the bone saw machine 3-4 times. When cleaning, you can use 80 ℃ water plus no fluorescence Cleaning agent, and remember that after use, you need to clean the same day to avoid the breeding of bacteria overnight, which is very unhygienic, and when cleaning, you also need to prevent water from entering the equipment To avoid damage to the equipment.


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