What are the types of soymilk machines?


Types of Soy Milk Maker 1. Press mode Fully automatic s […]

Types of Soy Milk Maker

1. Press mode
Fully automatic soymilk machine: It is the most popular soymilk machine. It is very convenient to use. You only need to put soybeans into the soymilk machine and press the switch for about 15 minutes to drink fresh soymilk.
Stone mill soymilk: using the traditional method of stone milling soymilk.

2. According to the polishing method
Boiled and grinded soymilk machine: It is a professional soymilk machine, it is very convenient to use, dry beans and wet beans can be grinded, and there is no need to pour it out and boil it. You can choose this when you drink soy milk frequently;
Juicing and stirring compound soybean milk: The soybeans are crushed by stirring, and only the wet beans can be ground. After grinding, pour out and boil in a pot. Can be used to squeeze juice.

3. Automatic separation refiner
Its characteristic is that the slurry and slag can be separated in the body of the machine while grinding the raw materials.
The machine has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, low voice, labor saving, power saving, stable performance and reliable quality. The advantages of easy cleaning and convenient movement.

4. Press function
According to whether the soymilk machine can grind five-grain soy milk, dry/wet soy milk, cold fruit and vegetable drinks, rice cereal and corn juice, the soymilk machine can almost complete these functions.

5. According to purpose
Household soymilk machine: used in ordinary households, you can choose the capacity of the soymilk machine according to your own population.
Commercial soymilk machine: used in places with a relatively large number of people, such as hotels, fast food restaurants and other public places, the cost is more expensive than household soymilk machines, the structure is more complex, and it has good stability.

6. With or without mesh
Mesh type soybean milk machine: The market has been in existence for a long time, and the material of the mesh ranges from wire mesh to stainless steel mesh. Features: fine grinding with net, fine soybean milk, longer use time of the motor; not easy to clean.
Net-free soymilk machine: It came into being with the development of soymilk machine technology. The stainless steel net was removed, and the chassis heating model was added under the new technology. Features: No net, soy milk is rough, the use time of the motor is short; easy to clean.



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