What do I need to check when operating a bone saw?


Bone sawing machines are commonly used in meat supplier […]

Bone sawing machines are commonly used in meat suppliers. The equipment uses excellent knives for cutting, so the cut shapes are regular and the machine is also very durable. When using it, there are six major steps:


1. The bone sawing machine should be checked before use: do not wear jewelry on your hands, try not to wear long sleeves, and fold the cuffs even if you wear long sleeves.
2. Check whether the saw band tightness of the equipment is proper, and make sure the door cover is closed and locked.
3. Know all the things on the work surface and determine whether it is stable and safe, and whether the loading bucket is placed.
4. The operator is required to be highly concentrated and pay attention to keeping hands and fingers at a safe distance from the saw band. Do not approach the saw band with hands while the sawing machine is running, and do not do any work other than sawing on the workbench; Do not talk to the operator or do anything that distracts the operator.
5. When pushing the product, please do not push the product over the saw band with excessive force. The force should be applied slowly and smoothly. When the saw band is running, the operator should not leave the machine.
6. After using the bone sawing machine, do not leave the machine before the sawing band is completely stopped, and turn off the main power switch after completely stopping.

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