What is a soymilk machine?


The soymilk machine is controlled by a microcomputer to […]

The soymilk machine is controlled by a microcomputer to realize full automation of the preheating, beating, boiling and delayed boiling process, especially due to the addition of the "slow boiling" processing program, which makes the soymilk more nutritious and tastes more fragrant.



With the increasing emphasis on health, in order to clean and hygienic, many families have chosen to make soymilk, thereby driving the market for home microcomputer automatic soymilk. Soy milk has extremely high nutritional value and is a very ideal healthy food. According to experts, soybean milk contains a variety of high-quality proteins, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements necessary for the human body. Regardless of adults, the elderly and children, as long as you insist on drinking it, it is of great benefit to improve your physical fitness, immunity, prevent and treat diseases. Drink soy milk in spring and autumn to nourish yin and dryness, reconcile yin and yang; drink soy milk in summer, reduce heat and prevent sunstroke, produce body fluid and quench thirst; drink soy milk in winter, dispel cold and warm the stomach, nourish and nourish.

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