What is the correct operation procedure of the dicing machine?


In order not to leave regrets and regrets in our lives, […]

In order not to leave regrets and regrets in our lives, we should seize every opportunity to change our lives as much as possible. Taizhou Houplus Electric Appliance Equipment Co., LTD. shared the use of the dicing machine. The dicing machine is widely used in daily life and has an impact on life. The dicing machine is especially suitable for processing tuber materials such as sweet potatoes, cassava, kudzu, potatoes, radishes into cubes and cuboids. The dicing part consists of a slicing knife, a set of circular knife shafts and a set of cross-cutting knife shafts. Changing the round knife shaft\cross cutting knife shaft and adjusting the slice thickness can complete the conversion of slices of different sizes.




1. Clean up the debris around the fuselage and adjust the material specifications.
2. Press the start button to start the machine, and after confirming that there is no abnormal sound, the feeding is interrupted.
3. Press the close button to stop the machine.
4. Remove the residue in the machine and clean the machine.
5. Cover the feed inlet to prevent debris from entering.

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