What is the difference between a bone cutter and a bone saw?


What is the difference between a bone cutting machine a […]

What is the difference between a bone cutting machine and other bone sawing machines on the market? Where are its advantages?

1. The machine adopts the principle of artificial knife to cut bones. The ribs are put into the knife edge, and the bone cutter moves from top to bottom to cut the bones in an orderly manner, consistent with traditional artificial bone cutting.

2. The speed is faster, the cutting head moves 50 times per minute, which is more than 5 times the number of artificial bone cutting, and the efficiency is faster.

3. Because it is manually loaded, it can freely control the size and length of the bones, which can adapt to consumer needs.

Fourth, the traditional bone cutting machine uses a band saw to saw the bones with serrations. This method is very dangerous in operation due to the fast speed of the saw blade, and it is easy to saw the fingers. Our bone cutting machine is relative to the cutter The falling speed is slower.

5. The wear rate of the saw blades of traditional bone saws is very high. The saw blades have to be replaced almost every three days to a week. The price of the saw blades is 60-100 yuan each, and the annual consumption of saw blades reaches 2,000 yuan, so the use cost is too high. . And our bone cutter head does not need to be replaced for two to three years, so it is more cost-effective.

6. In the saw blade type bone cutting machine, due to the action of the saw teeth, the knife edge is larger, and the bone and meat are sawn into powder. This wastes too much bone, and our bone cutting machine uses a knife cutting method It can be said that there is no waste.
Compared with the bone cutting machine, the bone cutting machine has a big difference. Due to the major technical differences between the bone sawing machine and the bone cutting machine, their working principles are different, and the effect is also quite different.


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