What is the maintenance method of the meat grinder blade?


The blade of the meat grinder is an important part of t […]

The blade of the meat grinder is an important part of the meat grinder. If the blade is damaged, the meat grinder will basically be useless. Therefore, the maintenance of the blades of the meat grinder should be carried out frequently and regularly. Only in this way can we better ensure the service life of the meat grinder.

Sharpen the lock knob. Find the locking knob, your meat grinder. It can be found in the bottom left area above the base axis. The locking knob looks like a black plastic knob. The cleat and whetstone, once you have positioned the knob, unscrew its base shaft. The area of ​​the shaft on the base of the meat grinder will sharpen the stone. Once the whetstone is settled on the basis of the shaft, screw the knob back into place. Sharpen the blade of the meat grinder. Tighten the sharpening lock knob fully until you hear a click. The voice states that everything is happening.

Insert the meat grinder and switch the sharpening blade. Let them hone for about 30 seconds. Turn off the sharpener for 4 seconds, and then repeat the above process 3 times. Unscrew the knob and slide the whetstone base shaft to the left.

The right side of the base shaft of the meat grinder. After this, tighten the sharpening lock knob and put it back. Rub it with alcohol again, carefully clean the blade of the meat grinder, and rinse it off with clean water. This will get rid of any possible sharpening of metal particles. Therefore, when maintaining and sharpening the blades of the meat grinder, make sure that the blades of the meat grinder do not injure people. Only in this case can the blades of the meat grinder be maintained, and the grinder must be timely. The meat blades are cleaned, so as to better ensure the good use of the meat grinder.

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