What is the working principle of the soymilk machine?


Circuit characteristics Generally, the preheating, beat […]

Circuit characteristics

Generally, the preheating, beating, and boiling of soymilk machine are all controlled by MCU (Single Chip Microcomputer) related feet, driven by the corresponding triode, and then the relay group composed of multiple relays implements circuit conversion to complete. As long as you master this basic rule, you can perform circuit inspections on all types of soymilk machines and eliminate various faults. However, the production of circuit boards of some soymilk machine models is a bit problematic. It presses the number of the component under the component. Therefore, only the component can be seen on the circuit board, but the component number cannot be seen. This is for the detection of the circuit. inconvenient.

Work process

Add proper amount of water, warm water or cold water. After power on, start the "pulping" function, the electric heating tube will start heating, and the water temperature will reach the set temperature after 25 minutes. In the pre-beating stage, when the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the motor starts to work and performs the first pre-beating, and then continues to heat to reach the beating temperature after touching the anti-overflow electrode. The beating/heating stage, during the beating and heating stage, Heating causes the beans to be completely crushed. The soybean milk is initially boiled and boiled. After the soybean milk is boiled, it enters the boiling stage. The heating tube is heated repeatedly between intervals to make the soybean milk fully cooked and emulsified.


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