What parts can the bone sawing machine consist of?


There are two parts in the bone saw equipment, one is t […]

There are two parts in the bone saw equipment, one is the mechanical part and the other is the electrical part. Each of the different parts has their own different functions. Follow Taizhou Houplus Electric Appliance Equipment Co., LTD. Take a look!
Because the bone saw is a sawing equipment, of course the saw blade is indispensable, and the equipment also has a saw blade protection and a fast brake system (the saw blade can stop moving within 2 seconds); the start of the equipment is partially controlled in the form of a button. These are all low-voltage DC power control systems, so there is no problem in use;
The saw blade in operation, when you open the cabinet door, the saw blade stops immediately, and when the cabinet door is open, the motor cannot be started by pressing the start button. This is mainly to ensure that the operation is not accidentally injured.
Bone sawing machine generally has a stainless steel upper shell and is equipped with a high-speed motor. It can balance the saw belt wheel and scraper when working, and has a scale thickness adjustment backing board. The processing thickness can be set according to the scale, and the board can be safely pushed. It can push in small frozen meat or bones to protect the safety of operators. At the same time, the locator of the bone sawing machine will make its saw blade not sway, so that the smaller the cutting surface of the saw, the less the loss. And the bottom drawer can collect debris, and the patented design of the roulette tension adjustment handle can quickly tighten the band saw to the standard tightness.


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