What should be paid attention to when using the meat slicer safely?


With the rapid development of the food industry, meat s […]

With the rapid development of the food industry, meat slicers have been widely used. All meat slicers adopt a double-hob structure and have two types, horizontal and vertical. The motive power of various styles of meat cutters and the principle of knife combs and meat cutting parts are largely the same. They all have compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene, and meat cutting effects. Wait for the advantages, the following will introduce you to the use and maintenance of the meat slicer.

Before using the meat slicer, please clean the meat slicer and shredder with warm water and do not wet the motor. When using the microtome, turn on the motor first to see if the blade rotation is correct. If the meat slicer reverses, it should be corrected immediately. After use, turn off the power of the meat slicer, remove the removable part, wash it with hot water, and then install it. The price of a small meat slicer is low. Turn on the machine and shake the water, and then apply cooking oil. When you need to cut shredded meat, cut the meat into slices first, and then cut the slices horizontally with the slicer.





Precautions for the use of the meat cutter:
1. The operator must be familiar with the performance and specifications of the meat slicer and the role of each component to ensure safe operation. To
2. The meat cutting machine must have a dedicated person in charge, the operator must have neat clothes and hats, and the sleeves must not be too long, and the operation must be concentrated and not careless. To
3. Before use, make a comprehensive inspection of the meat cutting machine to check whether there are obstacles in the transmission components, whether lubricating oil is added to each lubrication position, whether each safety protection device is reliable, whether the nozzle blade is in good condition, whether there is looseness, the meat cutting machine Is it clean? To
4. Do not have water on your hands when starting the switch. Run the empty machine first and observe whether there is any abnormality. The empty machine time should not be too long to prevent damage to the blade. Operation with gloves is prohibited. To
5. The meat must be added evenly and not too much to avoid damage to the motor. If the machine is found to be running abnormally, immediately cut off the power supply and check the cause after stopping. To
6. The meat entering the meat should not be too large, and should be cut into thin strips. The meat should not have bones and skins to prevent the meat slicer from jamming. If the meat slicer is jammed, it should be shut down immediately and not forced to operate.
7. After the operation is completed, disconnect the power supply and clean the cutting cage to ensure food hygiene. When cleaning the meat cutter, it is strictly forbidden to rinse the electrical parts with water to avoid electric shock or burn out the motor.

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